• People dressed as Santa Claus ride a gondola in the Venice lagoon.Reuters
  • Christmas illuminations light the Budapest Christmas Fair at Vorosmarty square in downtown Budapest.Reuters
  • A worshiper lights candles inside the Church of Nativity, ahead of Christmas in the West Bank city of Bethlehem.Reuters
  • Swimmers dressed as Santa Claus pose for photographers with a Monaco flag during the traditional Christmas season swim in Monaco.Reuters
  • People dressed as villagers from ancient Bethlehem sing Christmas carols as they take part in a re-enactment of the nativity scene, in Arcos de la Frontera, near Cadiz.Reuters
  • Spectators watch the Festival of Lights displays along a financial district in Makati city, Metro Manila.Reuters
  • A man looks at a shop window with a decoration of a Christmas sale at a department store in Tokyo.Reuters
  • A man lifts a boy in the air as they enjoy fake snow in the Christmas Wonderland fair at Gardens by the Bay, in Singapore.Reuters
  • People take pictures inside a Christmas tree along Orchard Road in Singapore.Reuters
  • People stop by the Balian Ice Cream House, which is decorated for Christmas in Altadena, California.Reuters
  • An illuminated Christmas train is pictured in a garden of a house decorated for Christmas in Hamburg-Heimfeld.Reuters
  • A house and garden is illuminated ahead of Christmas in Olching near Munich.Reuters
  • The Christmas illumination of Kaerntner Strasse is pictured in Vienna.Reuters
  • A woman takes a picture near a giant Christmas ball, part of New Year and Christmas holiday season decorations, in central Moscow.Reuters
  • The Christmas decoration of Habsburgergasse is pictured in Vienna.Reuters
  • A view shows decorations on a Christmas tree in a house in Hanau.Reuters
  • Christmas decorations light up the Medellin river in Medellin.Reuters
  • People look at illuminated Christmas decorations on a building in Bogota on Little Candles' Day in Colombia.Reuters

Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ, celebrated all over the world on 25 December, is round the corner, and people across the globe are in a festive mood. 

Check out how the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated in different parts of the world:


Natives and tourists attend the dramatic annual Christmas Eve procession in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem, where Jesus is believed to have been born. The home of Christians will be marked by a cross along with a home-made manger scene.


History says that Santa Claus was born in the US in the 1860s and now in the 20th century, majority of the people in the country celebrate the festival by exchanging gifts, attending the holy midnight mass, paying family visits and a dinner with a variety of food items. From huge Christmas trees to colourful decorations, the festive season is celebrated with much enthusiasm and energy.


One of the common customs in England during Christmas is "Mummering," a house-visiting tradition, in which people put on masks and act the season-related plays. Even these days, kids leave an empty socks or pillowcase at the end of their bed, which they believe would be filled with presents from the Father Christmas, who is believed to be the English gift-giver.


As per the traditional Russian celebration, believers take part in special prayers and fasting, which longs for nearly 39 days, until 6 January. This will be followed by a 12-course dinner, which includes fish, cooked dried fruit and cabbage stuffed with millet among others to honour the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ.


Italy commemorates Christmas in a three-week-long celebration and a strict fasting will be observed on the Christmas Eve, which will be followed by a meal with many dishes, without meat. The celebrations will last till the Feast of Epiphany, the day children hang up their stockings awaiting Befana, a witch-like character who rides on a broom. 

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