• Damaged TankReuters
  • Destroyed HousesReuters
  • CiviliansReuters
  • Military vehicleReuters
  • Military vehicleReuters
  • Burning TyresReuters
  • Military vehicleReuters
  • Lebanese and Syrian studentsReuters
  • Military vehicleReuters
  • Wrecked vehicleReuters
  • Damaged housesReuters
  • Al Malaab near HomsReuters
  • Protest against Syria's PresidentReuters
  • A group of senators are pushing a resolution to increase U.S. involvement in international efforts to curb violence against pro-democracy protesters in Syria.Reuters
  • Bashar al-AssadReuters

At least 400 people have been killed in Syria over the last few days by the troops of President Bashar al-Assad.

The death toll keeps rising, as Syrian security forces have been trying to crush the uprising against Assad. Shelling at the besieged Syrian city Homs have claimed many civilian lives and destroyed lots of houses and properties. Sources said that soldiers loyal to Assad have started using tanks to storm Homs on Friday.

Check out the damage caused by the attacks:

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