How to lose weight from Hips and thighs

Extra fat usually ends up on hips and thighs & it is difficult to lose weight fromthose problem areas. Here are some dietary tips which can make your thighs and hips slimmer! Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - A Ventuno Production Jul 31, 2014

Walking plank

We've already seen the regular plank and the 2 variations of the exercise. Here is the 3rd variation and much more intense version of this full body workout. Facebook - Twitter - Youtube - A Ventuno Production Jul 31, 2014
Tofu, soy

Soy Good for Heart, Says Study

Researchers said that eating soy throughout life gives the best results and switching to a western diet after menopause may neutralise the previous soy effects by producing the same amount of fatty deposits in the arteries as a lifelong western diet. Jul 31, 2014

Babies Gain Fear Instinct from Mother- Study

The odour emitted from a mother while being reminded of a traumatic experience teaches their babies to be afraid of similar situations too, according to a study. Jul 30, 2014

Petal design

Floral designs are always welcome when it comes to designing your cakes and cupcakes. Here is a simple petals design you can do on your cupcakes. Facebook - Jul 30, 2014