• Happy 50th birthday CorollaPR Handout
  • Happy 50th birthday CorollaPR Handout

Fifty years ago, on this day, Japanese carmaker Toyota Motor Corporation announced the arrival of the first-generation Corolla with a press note that read, "The Toyota Corolla is a five-passenger vehicle from Japan that is positioned as the 'most accessible car' in the market. In the development of the Corolla, Toyota's engineers have spent years bringing together the best of the company's technologies to offer to the public."

Today, the same Corolla has hit its 50 and popular perception that the Corolla has lived beyond the expectations at many instances doesn't come a surprise. The Corolla was born at a time of great interest in cars across Japan in 1966. Today, even after 50 years, the car is being produced in 13 countries, and over 1.3 million units are sold annually in more than 150 countries.

To celebrate the success and the 50th birthday of the Corolla, Toyota has launched a special website for the vehicle, which will take you through its journey over the years. The website features various aspects of the Corolla, including customer memories, the history of the vehicle, comments from those responsible for developing the car, and more.

"With its rich legacy and phenomenal success across the globe, the Toyota Corolla has set a benchmark & market leadership in India with 42% segment share. Well appreciated for its design innovation and time-tested quality engineering, the Corolla Altis has been doing consistently well ever since its launch in India and has won the hearts of over 1 lakh happy customers in India," N Raja, director and senior vice president, sales and marketing, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Ltd, said.