Official Logo of GTA Online (Logo officiel de GTA Online) by Rockstar Games on Wiki Commons(CREDIT: Wiki Commons/Rockstar Games)

Grand Theft Auto continues to mark its existence in the gaming industry by staying under constant spotlight, regardless of the game version. Besides the ongoing popularity of GTA 5 followed by GTA Online, it has been revealed that one of the earlier versions of the game, GTA Liberty City's, in-game map is being reworked in 3D.

The remaking is being done by Michael Dailly, one of the creators of the very first version of GTA, in GameMaker: Studio. The image shown by Kotaku, one of the leading online gaming news portals, is close to what the end result will look like. Most of the colours used in the image are primary colours.

One can follow the progress through Dailly's Twitter feed. It has been noted that only the game map will be remade and no extra game play would be included.

New GTA Online Patch Released

It has also been noted that Rockstar has made some more improvements to its GTA Online game fixing the glitch, which lets the gamers become millionaires by reselling their vehicles. The issue of disappearing cars and customizations have also been solved.

Some of the other additions made by Rockstar in the patch include the character customization tweaks with better-looking default characters and "Random" option. The developer has also capped the cost of death in "Freemode". Previously players could lose thousands of pounds as medical fees while roaming around and shooting other players, but now the maximum players will lose will be $500, reports The Guardian. This death tax reduction is expected to urge players to take more risks and perform more number of kills.

In related news, it has recently come to notice that some of the players who have been using certain cheats to generate in-game money are being banned by Rockstar as it could have a great impact on the game's economy. Fans believe that the step taken by Rockstar is as a warning to others. Here's what the banned players say.