The concert scheduled for Saturday evening by the extreme right-wing metal band Graveland at the Théâtre Plaza on Plaza St-Hubert, was cancelled about one hour before the show, the producers announced on their Facebook page.

The organizers of the sixth Messe des Morts (Mass of the Dead) festival said they have made the decision "for security reasons." They added the theatre administration and producers had "done everything in their power to come up with a solution."

They invited the fans of the group to "go home peacefully and to make a good impression as [they] have demonstrated since the beginning of the festival".

According to the Montreal Gazette, the concert by this group, whose members have expressed racist and anti-Semitic remarks in interviews, had sowed controversy. Several groups had demanded the cancellation of the concert organized as part of a rock metal music festival.

A few hours before the show, about 30 people had assembled in front of the Beaubien métro station, located near the theatre, to protest against the arrival of the group.

Among those taking part in the protest was Alexandre Boulerice, federal MP for the New Democratic Party in the Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie riding, Global News reported.

Boulerice said he was concerned that groups with fascist ties, or groups which had expressed ideas in line with white supremacist leanings were present in his riding.

Organizers cited security concerns for the show's cancellation, adding that they had done everything within their power to come up with a solution.

While there was heavy police presence near the venue, police said a few scuffles did break out but were quickly contained.

The band, reported TeamRock, are alleged to have ties with white supremacists and were identified as a hate group by US non-profit organisation Southern Poverty Law Center in 1999. Germany banned the sale of four of Graveland's albums in 2008 as they were "unsafe for youth".

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