GoPro and Microsoft have entered into a patent licensing agreement to allow the action camera maker to use its file storage technology
The programme encourages third-party developers to help enrich the action cam's ecosystem by creating apps, mounts and devices.Reuters

In what may be seen as an attempt to boost sales of its action cameras, GoPro announced a developer programme on Thursday, April 14. GoPro had earlier decided to let 7 percent of its workforce go because its revenue was "lower than expected."

Though GoPro Developer Program has been around for about a year, the formal announcement has been made only now. Also, during the announcement, the company pulled the wraps off several products that had been developed through the programme. From BMW's M-laptimer app, which records telemetry data, speed and captures video with a GoPro, to Timecode Systems' SyncBac PRO, which wirelessly synchronises connected GoPros with a back that plugs into the camera, 34 of over 100 developers who have partnered with the company showed off their offerings at the launch. Other partners include Fisher-Price, which has developed a child-friendly mount that integrates into a new line of products.

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According to the action cam-maker, the programme allows third parties to develop products that integrate into the GoPro ecosystem in three key ways, viz., mobile apps, devices (which can be paired wirelessly or plugged into the camera via the HEROBus port) and mounts/housings.

Along with the developer programme, GoPro has also launched Works with GoPro, which aims to be like an industry standard. It certifies that the products featuring the logo have been developed in conjunction with GoPro, and users can rest assured that their cameras will work with the third party products without a hitch. Partners will also benefit through integrated marketing.