Staz Nair has been cast on season 6  of 'Game of Thrones'
Staz Nair has been cast on season 6 of 'Game of Thrones'Instagram/Staz Nair

Exciting times are ahead for the fans of "Game of Thrones" and especially the followers of the Mother of Dragons. The last we saw her, Daenerys (Emily Clarke) was stranded with Drogon in the mountains, and was surrounded by Dothraki warriors.

We had speculated that her former army may have returned to pledge allegiance to her, and it looks like there may one particular Dothraki we should be aware of. Russian-Indian model Staz Nair, has reportedly been added to the cast of "Game of Thrones", and more likely than not, he play a Dothraki warrior.

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According to the various photos posted on his Instagram account, Nair has been filming in Spain accompanied by horses. If he is a part of the Dothraki's, he is most likely be a Horse Lord. However, he could also be a Meereen who has sworn to serve the Mother of Dragons. 

The hunk could be a slave rescued by her, or a Lord looking to please her; either way, we are hoping that this model will become a love interest for Daenerys. Nair, who was a contestant in "X-Factor UK", is also a singer and songwriter, and will be seen in the 2016 film "Bazodee", starring Kabir Bedi.

As I begin my journey towards what must be the biggest career moment in my life to date, I feel compelled to thank a few people for helping me along the way so far.First of all I want to thank my friends. The people around me who put up with me and allow me to be my ridiculous, uninhibited self. You idiots remind me to take a step back and appreciate life in the present. Life isn't as hard as I love to make out. It's reassuring to know i have a bunch of people i can be straight forward and entirely myself with. This life is full of people waiting for you to drop off but you guys have my back, some from day one and some more recently but big love, boys. It's exciting to think that many of you will be sharing a lot of this journey with me. Secondly, family. Although most of you live far away you do so much for me and have gotten so little in return. I apologise for being so distant at times. Thankyou for putting up with me and always having the time to help me when I return unannounced. I hope you know that although I have a tendency of going missing sometimes, the thought of making you proud is one that never leaves me and continues to inspire. Last but certainly not at all least, my mother. Regardless of wether you understand or will ever admit it, you have been my foundation through all of these amazing moments that have lead me here today. I thank you firstly for giving me this unconventional path in life. I found order in our chaos and was able to explore myself,and life, independently and as an individual because of life deciding to throw us in at the deep end (without armbands).Thank you for reminding me every day that happiness is a state of mind and not something you buy, that being rich and having money are not the same thing and that strength is earned and not to be taken for granted. Life is often fragile and fleeting and you have always given me a purpose to work towards something I love especially when the road ahead has seemed vague and felt like it lacked reason. I love you so much, thankyou for being patient and staying strong. Can't wait to share the news with you all! S X

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