GoAir flight
Representational image: A flight was called back from the runway at the Delhi airport on Wednesday, 3 January 2016, after a hoax call about weapons on the plane.Reuters

A GoAir flight from Delhi to Ranchi was called back from the runway at Indira Gandhi International Airport on Wednesday after a hoax call that some passengers were carrying arms on board.

All the passengers were deplaned after a call warned that some people were carrying weapons on the flight, according to ANI news agency. A search was conducted on the plane and the flight took off after getting security clearance. 

The latest scare comes after several bomb threats in recent weeks led to flights being grounded or making emergency landings. 

Last week, two flights were delayed at Delhi airport following a bomb scare after a threat call was reported. 

On 23 January, a GoAir flight from Bhubaneswar to Mumbai made an emergency landing in Nagpur following a bomb scare after reports of a threat call. However, the threat was declared a hoax. 

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