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Search for next SBI chairman begins

Arundhati Bhattacharya was appointed in 2013 as the bank's first woman chairman, and got a year's extension in October 2016, as SBI was in the process of merging its associate banks with itself. 14 days ago
HDFC Bank India

HDFC Bank to roll back UPI charge plan

The National Payments Corporation of India which runs the UPI railroads had requested the bank to reconsider the decision and is expected to call a meeting with bankers very soon 17 days ago
The new £1 coin: In numbers

The new £1 coin: In numbers

On 28 March the new high security 12 sided £1 coin is being introduced as legal tender, replacing the round pound that has been in circulation since 21 April 1983. The new coin is claimed to be ‘the most secure coin in the world’ as it boasts anti-counterfeit measures, as the Royal Mint claims one in every 30 coins returned in change are fake. Mar 27, 2017