South African ballet sets 'Nutcracker' in Kalahari Desert

It's danced to Tchaikovsky's famous score, but it's not your traditional 'Nutcracker': the Joburg ballet sets it in the Kalahari desert, with rock paintings and ostriches, and Clara is not led by the Sugar Plum Fairy but by a traditional healer. Sep 25, 2014

Underground art reveals WW1 soldiers' hopes and fears

American doctor and photographer Jeff Gusky reveals the underground quarries used by the soldiers of World War One, and the artwork they left behind which illustrates their hopes and fears. Duration: 02:15 Sep 25, 2014

How to apply Press-on Nails

Press-on nails can help you go from everyday to glamorous in an instant. You can leave them bare for a natural look or give yourself an attention-grabbing manicure - anything goes! Facebook : Twitter: Youtube: A Ventunotech Production: Sep 25, 2014