Eiffel Tower dazzles and gives chills with new glass floor

Visitors at the Eiffel Tower were left giddy Monday as the mayor unveiled a new glass floor on Paris's best-known landmark, offering millions of tourists another perspective on the world's most-visited city. Duration: 01:08 Oct 7, 2014

Disputed film on ferry disaster premiers in Busan film fest

A controversial film on South Korea's devastating ferry disaster premiered at the Busan film festival on Monday, after weeks of protest and heated debate over whether the highly-divisive documentary should be screened at all. Dureation: 01:05 Oct 7, 2014

How To: Textured Hair Style, for Men

Looks like a very simple hair cut, this Textured Hair Style on the contrary requires a lot of attention from a stylist... also a lot of patience and time from both the stylist and the model (or you!). Oct 4, 2014

Fito Paez presents his new album in Mexico

The popular Argentine singer-songwriter Fito Paez presented his new album "Rock end Roll Revolution" Friday in Mexico, dedicated to his friend and fellow artist Charly Garcia. Duration: 01:02 Oct 4, 2014

The Sierra Maestra Mountains: where the Cuban Revolution began

The Sierra Maestra mountain range in Cuba is where Fidel Castro set up the command of the Cuban Revolution two years before seizing Havana in 1959. Today, the mountain has become one of the island's main tourist attractions. Duration: 01:44 Oct 4, 2014

Banksy mural painted over by UK resort_s street cleaners

Street cleaners in Britain may have painted over artwork worth a fortune -- a mural by Banksy showing pigeons picking on an African migrant bird in a satire on the rise of anti-immigration sentiment. Duration: 00:26 Oct 4, 2014

Busan film festival jury discusses judging process

Busan film festival jury head and Oscar winning Iranian director Asghar Farhadi said Friday that competition winners were not necessarily the best films, and judges were likely to change their minds over time. Duration 00:44 Oct 4, 2014

Artworks auctioned for peace-building charity

A series of works by artists including Yoko Ono on the theme of peace will be auctioned in London on Friday in support of the peace-building charity International Alert. Duration 01:01 Oct 4, 2014

Art project gives London statues a voice

A new arts project has been bringing London's statues to life by making them talk. Passersby can scan a barcode below the plinth or visit a webpage that prompts a phone call from the person - or animal -depicted. Duration: 01:04 Oct 3, 2014

DIY: Twisted Side Braid

Beautiful braids are always in! Braids have been in style for a while. Today in our Terrific Tresses we will see how to do Twisted Side Braid. This Twisted Side Braid is a great everyday hairstyle. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VentunoHairstyle Twitter: https://twitter.com/VentunoTresses YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/VentunoHairstyle A Ventuno Production http://www.ventunotech.com Oct 3, 2014

Long-lost grandson of Argentine activist Carlotto plays concert

Ignacio Guido Montoya Carlotto gives his first concert since discovering he is the grandson of Argentine human rights activist Estela Carlotto. He chose to do it at the Esma, an important center of detention, torture, and execution. Duration: 01:20 Oct 3, 2014