Fifty years on, Britain remember Churchill's death

'Havengore', the boat which carried Churchill's coffin from Tower Bridge to the Palace of Westminster during his state funeral, has been restored and will re-enact the voyage as part of the commemorations marking Churchill's death. Jan 30, 2015

Battle of Waterloo artefacts go on display at Windsor Castle

Artefacts from the Battle of Waterloo go on display at Windsor Castle to mark the 200th anniversary of the momentous battle. The exhibition includes contemporary prints, drawings and personal belongings of French Emperor Napoleon. Duration: 00:31 Jan 29, 2015

Sotheby's contemporary auction 'strongest ever'

Sotheby's has put together its 'strongest sale' ever of contemporary art according to a Sotheby's representative, including works by Francis Bacon and Gerhard Richter. Duration: 01:18 Jan 29, 2015

French annual comics festival honours Charlie Hebdo

One of the world's leading comics festivals opened in France on Thursday under tight security as it dedicated this year's event to the murdered cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo. Duration: 01:01 Jan 29, 2015

Daily fizzy drinks poses health threats to girls

New Delhi, Jan 29 (ANI): A new study has revealed that girls who drink a can and a half of sugary cola, lemonade or other fizzy drinks a day are increasing their risk of breast cancer.The study found that around half a litre a day of sugary cola, lemonade or other fizzy drinks cause early puberty and increases breast cancer risks in girls by 5 percent for each year they mature earlier, an online portal reported. Drinks with added sugar ramp up insulin concentration in the body, leading to higher concentrations of sex hormones, which are normally associated with periods starting earlier, a condition that is on the rise in developed countries. Researchers added that unlike most other predictors, sugar-sweetened beverages consumption can be modified and this research shows that it's even more important that children switch to water. Jan 29, 2015

Permanent cinema exhibition opens at Cinecitt

Next to the famous decors of Cinecitt, the famous Italian studios now host a permanent exhibiton, "Girando Cinecitt", looking at the rich history of Italian cinema. Jan 29, 2015