Napoleon comes back to life for Golfe Juan landing bicentenary

To mark the bicentenary of Napoleon’s famous landing in Golfe Juan, a two-day historical re-enactment of the 1815 landing is organised with parades, weapons, actors playing the Napoleonic troops.. and 'Napoleon' himself. Duration: 00:54 Mar 2, 2015

Baghdad museum reopening boosts Iraqi national pride

Even as Iraq mourned the destruction of priceless artefacts by jihadists in Mosul, the national museum in Baghdad brought joy and pride to visitors as it opened its doors for the first time in 12 years. Duration: 01:00 Mar 2, 2015

World Premiere for all-star Cinderella remake

Hollywood Boulevard welcomes the red carpet for the World Premiere of Disney's 'Cinderella', a modern retelling of the fairy tale by Kenneth Branagh, with Cate Blanchett as a gambling, hard-drinking Wicked Stepmother. Duration: 01:09 Mar 2, 2015