Miller and Holden are locked in Eros' space station
Miller and Holden are locked in Eros' space stationSyfy / The Expanse

Luck is not in favour of Miller, Holden and other crew members of the Rocinante as they try to escape Eros and find a way out of the space station in the upcoming episode titled "Critical Mass" of "The Expanse" Season 1.

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The synopsis of the episode states: "Miller, Holden and his crew struggle to escape Eros, but they're trapped when the entire station is put on lock-down. On Earth, Avasarala comes to a stunning realisation about the origin of the mystery ships."

The moment the crew of Rocinante landed on Eros, all they experienced was only trouble. First, they were hunted by a UN black ops team, and now, someone has locked them inside the space station.

Though Miller was suspicious for a while and warned Holden that someone was looking forward to kill all of them, Holden denied it and told Miller that it was just his fear of strange places and nothing else.

However, when they were attacked several times, Holden also eventually believed in Miller's suspicions and told the rest of the crew to be extra cautious.

Elsewhere, Avasarala discovers some stunning evidences that might lead her to Mao's trail and might also answer the mystery behind strange ships that she saw earlier.

Whether Miller and Holden will make it out of Eros or not and continue their journey to find Mao, will be seen in "Critical Mass" on Syfy.

In the previous episode titled "Salvage," the Rocinante examined the asteroid at the coordinates given by Fred Johnson before moving to Eros to find a survivor of the Scopuli codenamed Lionel Polanski.

Miller was also tracking down Polanski by himself and soon identified her as Julie Mao. In the meanwhile, Holden and his team were ambushed at the hotel where Polanski was staying by a UN black ops team (signalled by the spy Kenzo, and authorised by Errinwright), but were saved by the arriving Miller.

After joining up, Holden's team and Miller continued their journey to meet Julie Mao.

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