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Tribal Uptown or Rural?

Just when one thinks it’s impossible to club tribal, uptown and rural inspirations flawlessly under one collection, designer Malini Ramani proves you wrong. Her transitions from one inspiration to the other were impeccable. She gives the right balance between tribal motifs, uptown glamour and rural simplicity in her array of silhouettes that include gypsy skirts, [...] Dec 16, 2013
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Deepika Padukone thanks fans for her success

New Delhi, Dec 16 (ANI): Bollywood babe Deepika Padukone is happy to be touted as the most successful leading actress of Bollywood this year and thanks her well-wishers and fans for supporting her. Dec 16, 2013
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Biggest marriage regrets revealed

New Delhi, Dec 15 (ANI): Have you ever pondered over your failed relationship or marriage and thought of all the things you could have done in a different and better way? Dec 15, 2013
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Imran Khan inaugurates Health Awareness Drive

Mumbai, Dec 15 (ANI): Known for his social activeness bollywood Actor Imran Khan was spottedinaugurating the Bhamla Foundation’s Health Awareness Drive in Mumbai. Well your participation in such initiatives surely makes a difference Imran! Dec 15, 2013
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Shiv Shakti on the Ramp

She’s known for her play with metal and her fascination for it continues for her spring summer 2014 collection too. Designer Kanika Saluja takes the spiritual route and brings in elements inspired from Lord Shiva. The colour palette oscillates between blues and reds with other hues like green, but what remains constant is the stress on detailing. Kanika has [...] Dec 15, 2013
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'Check yourself', says police chief to Kanye West

New Delhi, Dec 14 (ANI): The Ohio police chief has warned Kanye West to check himself. The Brimfield police chief, David Oliver, called West ignorant and "as misguided as they come" and advised the rapper to "check yourself, before you wreck yourself", ABC News reported. Dec 14, 2013
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Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio freaked out by plastic surgery

New Delhi, Dec 14 (ANI): Alessandra Ambrosio has confessed that the thought of cosmetic surgery chills her to the core because of a bad experience. The Victoria's Secret supermodel explained to The Edit magazine that she always knew she wanted to be a model so she decided to have her ears pinned back when she was just 11, because they stuck out a bit, Contactmusic reported. Dec 14, 2013
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What the 'perfect female face' looks like revealed

New Delhi, Dec 14 (ANI): In an attempt to understand the centuries-old fascination with the ' perfect female face', researchers asked men and women to use facial features of celebs to describe the face that they consider ideal. According to The Vine, men's ideal female face consisted of blonde hair, full lips, strong cheekbones, a petite nose, less prominent forehead and finer eyebrows. Dec 14, 2013