Adele Hit by Fake Sex Tape; To Sue 'Public' Magazine

British singer Adele is hit by a fake sex tape. French tabloid Public has published fake photos of the singer claiming to have been taken from her sex tape made by her ex-boyfriend. However, the singer is set to sue the magazine and has asked her lawyers to take legal action against Public. Feb 18, 2012

Whitney Houston Fan's House on Fire: Fans Pay Tribute to the Singer (PHOTOS)

Even as music lovers are mourning the death of Whitney Houston, a fan of the singer accidentally set her house on fire while paying candle-lit tribute to her idol. A private funeral will be held for Whitney Houston on Saturday in her hometown of Newark, New Jersey and it will be broadcast live. Check out fans around the world paying tribute to Whitney Houston. Feb 16, 2012

Bollywood Calls Mumbai to Cast Votes

As the city of Mumbai goes to civic polls, numerous Bollywood celebrities have been urging citizens to come out of their houses and exercise their franchise. Feb 16, 2012