Clean Home During Weekends

Clean home during weekends Keeping your home clean is less about being born naturally obsessed with cleaning and more about finding the schedule that works with the way you live in your home. Though there are a number of ways to keep one's house clean throughout the week and month, this is a plan you can follow to keep your house regularly clean: 1. Weekends are the time to do intensive cleaning of your home Those who entertain in their home on the weekend can enjoy a home clean and ready for guests. Cleaning on the weekend totally counts as exercising. And depending on how big your home is or how many people live in it you may be able to get the cleaning done each weekend. 2. Start with your living room Start by dusting your living room, remember to rotate sofa cushions often to encourage even wear and increase their useful life, always save the vacuum for last. 3. Put everything back to its place This may seem like it`s not a simple rule but if you follow it, you will never have to worry about your room being a disaster ever again. If you don't have time, at least make a deal with yourself that you will make sure everything is picked up before you go to bed. 4. Throw out all the garbage Before you go to bed, take aside a few minutes to pick up any dirty clothing or w Jun 18, 2014

Monochrome Nails

Monochrome trend is a breath of fresh air in a season traditionally dominated by neons and other bright colours. On this episode of Nail it, we show you how to get the monochrome nail art. It is quite simple and super classy. Facebook : Twitter: Youtube: A Ventunotech Production: Jun 18, 2014

Ranbir Kapoor shows FIFA fever, wears Messi and support cousin Armaan Jain

Ranbir Kapoor seems to be enjoying FIFA fever too. Recently, the actor roasted his chance of promoting cousin Armaan Jain’s latest offering, ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil.’ Ranbir along with his Rockstar director Imtiaz Ali organised an exhibition football match for Armaan and Deeskha’s debut film, ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil.’ Jun 18, 2014

Dhrushyam release date announced

Drushyam, an upcoming film in tollywood is a Telugu remake of Malayalam movie Drishyam. It is said to be a new wave now to bring the audience a new family movie experience. It stars Victory Venkatesh in male lead role and Meena, Nadiya in the female leads. Jun 18, 2014

A R Rahman throws party for Kochadaiyaan Team

Though news about kochadaiyaan seems fading, the hard work for the film paid off with economic success and rare appretiations. thats enough reasons for the team to celebrate, but on 17june the team had a very special kind of celebration. a party hosted by Musical sensation a r rahman. its something rare from the musical genious, to a film crew, but he was really impressed by the hard work of the team. picures from the celebration showed a selective group of people attending, including director soundharya rajnikanth. Jun 18, 2014

Hair care for coloured hair

Hair color leaves hair dry, dull, and rough. Some easy changes in your hair-care habits will keep your hair healthy and restore their shine. Check out this video. Jun 18, 2014

When Ranbir played soccer for younger brother Armaan!

Mumbai, June 18 (ANI): Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor did his bit to promote Cousin Armaan Jain's debut film Lekar Hum Deewana Dil with an exhibitional football match in Mumbai. Ranbir who is a big time soccer lover showed his football skills during the match and said... Also spotted at the match was lead actress of the movie Deeksha Seth, debutant director Arif Ali, producer Dinesh Jain along with 'Rockstar' director Imtiaz Ali. Speaking on the occasion Jain who is all set to make his bollywood debut said he was excited and nervous at the same time. The movie is slated for a July 4th release. . Jun 18, 2014

Bollywood and Cricket stars join hands with Gillette's 'Role Model' initiative

Mumbai, June 18 (ANI): Gillette, the men's personal care brand from PandG, saluted the father-son relationship through its global campaign 'Because you are my role model' by bringing together largest gathering of dad-son duos shaving together and reminiscing their first shave stories in support of the initiative. In an attempt to set a new record, celebrity dad-son duos like - R. Ashwin and Arbaaz Khan along with their fathers N. Ravichandran and Salim Khan also shaved on stage along with 40 other dads and sons to highlight the importance of the clean shaven look for a role model. The initiative was kick started by Brand Ambassador Rahul Dravid who shared his experience of watching his father shave, as a kid and wanting to grown up. Because You Are a Role Model' initiative by Gillette, reinforces the role of the brand that promises and strives to deliver the best for 800 million men every day for over 100 years. Jun 18, 2014

Sunny Leone replaced by Neetu Chandra

Sunny Leone who is going to entertain Tamil audience with her soon to release ‘Vadacurry’ rejected an offer to dance under rain. Neetu Chandra did sensuous moves in R Kannans earlier film Settai, grabbed the offer immediately and is going to take showers under Chalakkudi falls for this mood song. Jun 18, 2014

Yami and Mahie Gill take hair dares with Pantene's new range

New Delhi, June 18 (ANI): Bollywood divas Yami Gautam and Mahie Gill took live hair dares with Pantene's new and improved range in New Delhi recently. Clad in a beautiful white dress, Yami said, "It's very difficult to protect hair from heat and dust. I think it's very important that the shampoo or conditioner which you use should be very good. It should protect and nourish your hair because it's very difficult to protect hair from damage but it can be protected. So that's where your Shampoo and conditioner comes." The hair dare challenge saw Gill flaunting her coloured hair as it's for the first time she has experimented with her hair. At the event, Mahie said," Exercise a lot, drink lots of water and invest in a good brand."Absolutely!!! Jun 18, 2014