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Jake Gyllenhaal breaks brutal news in 'Nightcrawler'

They spend their nights shooting bloody traffic accidents to sell to local TV stations. "If it bleeds, it leads," as one character in "Nightcrawler" says. The film stars Oscar-nominated actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Duration: 01:34 Nov 1, 2014
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Celebrity News - 31/10/2014

BEVERLY HILLS A little bit of Britain landed in Beverly Hills as the 2014 BAFTA Awards were held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel. Stars from both sides of the pond were honored at this year’s gala included Robert Downey Jr., Emma Watson, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mark Ruffalo, Judi Dench & director Mike Leigh. Other A-listers attending, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Redmayne, Hailee Steinfeld, Robert Duvall, Dustin Hoffman & Felicity Jones. Robert Downey Jr. spoke about why he and his wife, Susan feel so close to the U.K. #458273676 0:01: Robert Downey Jr. Well, we kind…allies. :0:15 LONDON Speaking of the U.K., Sir Ian McKellen received the Freedom of the City of London in recognition of his work for gay rights. And seen around the streets of London, Lena Dunham was on hand to promote a new book, Elijah Wood for the premiere of his new film, ‘Set Fire To The Stars’ and 80’s Icon Billy Idol promoting concert dates in London. NEW YORK Things got a little tense in New York with boxer Mike Tyson. After being swarmed by autograph seekers, the former champ finally had enough. #458181392 02:39: Mike Tyson: Hey, get the…me. :02:41 That’s all for now. We’ll be back next week with more celebrity news and sightings. Nov 1, 2014
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Sai Dharam Tej - New upcoming star?

Megastar Chiranjeevi’s nephew Sai Dharam Tej is busy in promoting his Debut release Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham which is slated to release in November. Even before the release of his two films, the actor is getting ready for his third film. Nov 1, 2014
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Millions across Philippines honour their dead

Millions across the Philippines pack into cemeteries to pay respects to their dead, in an annual tradition that combines Catholic religious rites with the country's penchant for festivity. Duration: 00:40 Nov 1, 2014