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Kanye West plans to build Kim K's statue in iconic Grace Jones pose

New Delhi, Dec 16 (ANI): Kanye West to capture Kim Kardashian's butt and is planning to build a statue of her in Grace Jones' famous pose from 1978. The rapper, 37, posted the iconic image in one of his first posts on Kanyewest.com, however, this isn't the first time West's lover would be recreating the pose as his former girlfriend Amber Rose has also struck the same pose in 2010, a leading daily reported. Rose has posed for Complex magazine, but even though the image never made it into the final edition, West had published it on his blog. According to the reports, West has said that he wants to capture his wife's beauty for eternity, and wants it on their bedroom wall. However, people are reportedly debating whether the 'Break the Internet' star could actually hold such a pose without toppling over. Dec 16, 2014
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DIY : Gift Box

Paper craft all the way! In this episode of Art All The Way we going to show how to make Gift Box. Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/ArtAllTheWay Twitter : https://twitter.com/TheVentunoArt Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/TheVentunoart Dec 16, 2014

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