Aamir To Release P.K Trailer Along With Happy New Year!

Shahrukh Khan has been the undisputed king of Diwali for the past many years. And this tradition shall be continued this year with the release of Happy New Year. However, it is rumoured that Aamir Khan shall be releasing the trailer of P.K along with Happy New Year, in order to overshadow SRK's film. Watch the video to know more. Oct 17, 2014

Abhishek Bachchan Pranks Farah Khan!

Its a well known fact that Junior Bachchan is an incorrigible prankster on the sets. The latest person to fall prey to Abhishek's pranks is none other than his Happy New Year director Farah Khan. Watch the video to get the complete story. Oct 17, 2014

Saif's Hilarious 'Pussycat' Song From Happy Ending

Saif Ali Khan seems determined to have his audience in splits with his next feature Happy Ending which recently showcased its hilarious trailer. But one element that really stood out for us was the quirky ‘Paaji tussi such a pussycat’ song that plays fast and loose with quite a few sexual innuendoes. Oct 17, 2014