RGV's Ice Cream

RGV Press Note Ram Gopal Varma, he is well known in film industry as a director who worked across multiple genres. it may be psychological thriller or horror, what not!. He recently directed a horror movie “IceCream” starring Navdeep and Tejaswi as it’s lead pair. Rama satyanarayana is producing this movie. His Press Note has been released where he shares the details of his latest offering Ice-cream. It is read that Movie Ice cream is different from other horror based films and it would create curiosity among audiences too. The new technique called Flow Cam, a cutting edge camera equipment has been introduced to make the movie live. This is the most interesting aspect of this movie. This sensational director is throwing huge surprise with Ice cream. Jun 13, 2014

Celebrities at Amala Paul Vijay Wedding Reception

The grand marriage of actress Amala Paul and director Vijay was concluded in style earlier in the day. Hundres of guests attend the wedding and blessed the couple. Now, both the families are hosting the wedding reception. Lot of celebrities from Kollywood were presented at the event. Jun 13, 2014