Celebrating the Seductive Power of a Woman

The seductive, powerful and holistic elements of Kamasutra are rendered onto Indian silhouettes for the bride and the onus of it goes to designer Anupama Dayal. Anupama takes inspiration from many aspects of Kamasutra and transforms them onto her autumn winter collection with her cuts, colours and prints. The underlying story of a bride trying [...] Jun 20, 2014

Beat the Heat with High Fashion!

Sailex offers an interesting line-up to beat the heat at the Lakme Fashion Week. Extensive use of shibori is a translation of his theme of subtle transition of the undercurrents of the inner tectonic shifts appearing as light ripples on the surface. Pencil skirts, pea coats, capes, maxis, jumpsuits and dungarees highlight his evening wear [...] Jun 20, 2014

Bollywood Celebs Threatened By Underworld

Preity Zinta has grabbed healines in the past couple of days with her molestation case against industralist and her former beau Ness Wadia. Ness Wadai's company was apparently threatened by the underworld. This is not the first time this has happened. Many Bollywood celebs have been threatened by the underworld in the past. Now that the topic has arose let's check out those Bollywood celebs who have been threatened by the underworld. Jun 19, 2014

Srinivas Avasarala prefers story telling to acting

Srinivas Avasarala, an actor turned director has stunned the audience with his spontaneous acting in his debut film Ashta chemma. He is now offering the audience his forthcoming movie Uhalu gusagusalade. It is said in his interviews, that he prefers storytelling over acting. Jun 19, 2014