The Verdict is Out: Aranmanai: A grand comedy thriller!

Its a fun ride with lots of comedy and sprinkled spice of thrills. Sundar C has done it again. he has brought in 3 gorgeous women of kollywood together to make us laugh and chill the spines when needed through Aranmanai. Sep 19, 2014

Hrithik Roshan: Doing An MJ In 'Bang Bang' Was Crazy

The title track of Hrithik Roshan starrer Bang Bang was released online recently and it has gone viral. Bollywood's Best dancer, Hrithik, has idolized the late King of Pop, Micheal Jackson in this song. He has pulled off MJ's trademark steps with such ease. Hrithik said he refused to dance to MJ's steps initially because he thought it would be impossible to dance like him without rehearsing for months. He also added that the steps are Micheal Jackson's but he has added his own style to them while executing it. Sep 19, 2014