'Mrs. Scooter' music launched by Farah Khan

Mumbai, Jan 20 (ANI): Farah Khan was spotted launching the music of upcoming film 'Mrs. Scooter' at an event held in Mumbai recently. Directed by débutante Shiladitya Moulik, the film is based in a small town in western Uttar Pradesh. It narrates the story of love and resilience of a bride and a scooter, caught in the midst of a difficult social situation. Jan 21, 2015

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The dashing leading man was joined by fiancé Amber Heard which sent photogs flashing. Depp spoke about what it was like shooting some of the funnier scenes with co-star Paul Bettany. 0:01: Johnny Depp: It was ridicules …time. :0:15 The touching film ‘Boyhood’ continues its award winning pace as it was named film of the year at the London Critics Circle Awards. Richard Linklater picked up best director while Timothy Spall was awarded British actor of the year for his role in ‘Mr. Turner’ & Miranda Richardson received the lifetime achievement award. Linklater spoke about whether ‘Boyhood’ meant more to him than any of his previous films. #461858060 1:20: Richard Linklater: It’s definitely the…films. :1:36 LOS ANGELES And in L.A., Jaden Smith made the nightlife rounds while Rita Ora made a quick exit away from the paparazzi. That’s all for now. We’ll be back tomorrow with more celebrity news and sightings. Jan 21, 2015

Kim K 'bares booty' again for Love magazine shoot

New Delhi, Jan 20 (ANI): Kim Kardashian has once again stripped down to absolutely nothing for racy Love magazine shoot, it has been reported. A preview of the snap was uploaded onto the publication's Instagram account but was speedily removed after going live, a leading daily reported. However the image was shared on the social networks such as Twitter. The text plays on the hit film and book 'The Devil Wears Prada,' and reads: "Kim wears Prada." Above it another point of text details that she took part in the project to model the brand's new spring collection alongside pieces from the spring/summer 2012 range. Jan 20, 2015