Kylie Jenner doesn't need a man to be happy

New Delhi, March 2 (ANI): Kylie Jenner, who has recently been romantically linked with rapper Tyga, revealed that she doesn't need a man to make her stay happy in life. She said in an interview with a leading magazine that she doesn't need someone else to make her happy as she can do that herself, but obviously with sharing the life with someone makes it happier. She also discussed that she loves to connect with people, but people are usually tend to judge others, therefore, she has now closed down and doesn't open as much as she used to, because it became such a bigger door for people to judge her. Kylie further added that every person had to make mistakes to grow and learn, but with the world judging on her every act she wasn't left with any room for error, or room to make mistakes. Mar 2, 2015

Uttama Villain Audio Launch!

The much awaited audio release of uththama villain took place yesterday and ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan released it in a quiet different way during the function. Instead of the usual cutting the cape on a massive size CD replica, Kamal Haasan wanted to do a virtual release. He temporarily stopped the person carryig the CD replica and instead surprised the audience and crew members of the film on stage, by calling his daughter shruti haasan to come on video call. The actor who sent the copies of the films audio, surprises his daughter and the crowd saying that he presented the audio and Shruti gladly received it. Mar 2, 2015

Kanye West's new album to be titled 'So Help Me God'

New Delhi, March 2 (ANI): Kanye West has announced his upcoming album on Twitter and has titled it 'So Help Me God', it has been revealed. West has been busy promoting his upcoming album while still remaining mysterious about its details, an online portal reported. The 37-year-old rapper talked about Jony Ive and "the futch" in an interview with Zane Lowe and performed at SNL 40, and he released the album's first single during his Adidas fashion show. 'So Help Me God ' is reportedly a follow-up of West's last album 'Yeezus'. Mar 2, 2015