Tom Hanks gets snubbed

New Delhi, Dec 09 (ANI): Tom Hanks' wife, Rita Wilson, recently recalled the time when they were rebuffed by an annoyed neighbor during their stay at the classy Carlyle Hotel in New York. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the pair, who has been happily married for 26 years, and known to be the nicest actors in the industry, were having a get together in their suite, when a woman staying in the room next to them, knocked on their door. The lady was noise-sensitive, and complained about the party, at which Tom politely apologized saying they were "really sorry for the noise, but would you like to come in?" But the woman gave a straight faced "No" and walked away, said Rita. Dec 9, 2014

Nicole Kidman happy 'toughest year of life' finally getting over

New Delhi, Dec 9 (ANI): Nicole Kidman has revealed that 2014 has been a hard year for her professionally as well as personally. Kidman, whose father Antony Kidman died due to heart attack this year, said on the premiere of her new flick 'Paddington' that it felt good to close out the year with a film that made people smile, a leading daily reported. The 47-year-old actress got mixed reviews for her movie 'Paddington'. The Australian actress added that ' Paddington ' is a movie that even little one's can enjoy and ahead next year she will going to have a busy year by starring opposite Robert Pattinson in Werner Herzog's 'Queen of the Desert' and one with Hugo Weaving and Joseph Fiennes in the Sundance-bound Strangerland. Dec 9, 2014

Romantic number by Siva Karthikeyan & Anirudh for Kaaki Sattai!

Siva Karthikeyan's Kaaki Sattai has got a romantic number sung by the actor himself along with the music director Anirudh. Siva Karthikeyan already has sung two songs for his earlier films, but those are peppy intros. This time, he has done a romantic number which is one of the song being shot in Norway revealed the producer. Dec 9, 2014

New Poster Dolly Ki Doli: Sonam Kapoor With Her Grooms!

Sonam kapoor's Dolly Ki Doli is one of the most-anticipated films of 2015. In the first look o the movie', it was Sonam Kapoor who shocked us with her oh-so-unconventional bridal look. Recently, Arbaaz Khan, the producer of this rom-com and Sonam took to Twitter to share the second poster of this movie. In thisw poster, Sonam reclines on a bed decorated with strings of flowers in traditional wedding fashion while her three potential husbands - Rajkummar Rao, Pulkit Samrat and Varun Sharma - poke their heads out from beneath. Dec 9, 2014

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