Valentine's Day Special: Most Romantic Bollywood Lines

Valentine's Day is fast approaching guys and if you haven't already asked out that special someone then do so before somebody else beats you to it! Here are some tried-and-tested 100% shudh desi romantic dialogues from Bollywood films guaranteed to melt any heart. Feb 11, 2015

Jan 1, 1970

Karan Johar's Reply To Aamir's Comment Over AIB

Ever since the AIB Roast of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor hit Youtube, the country has found itself divided over the issue of whether it was simply a humorous show or the work of the devil himself. However, out of all the celebs involved in the AIB roast, Karan Johar seems to be facing most of the brunt. Watch the video to find out how Karan responded to Aamir Khan's criticism of the roast! Feb 11, 2015