Lady Gaga dances on metal songs on bar top in Australia

New Delhi, August 26 (ANI): Lady Gaga recently danced on metal songs half-naked on bar-top whilst partying in Australia. The 'Poker Face' hit maker also posted pictures on Instagram with a caption that read "Living' after midnight. Melbourne Metal Madness", a leading daily reported. DJ Mermaid posted on bar's Facebook page saying that Gaga was present in the party between 1ish till close and the singer literally crawled on her hands and knees out the door and up the lane. DJ Mermaid asserted that she played at least 10 of singer's requests as she was a total metal head. The 28-year-old pop star was seen in a pair of silky knickers, ripped fishnet tights and a bra when she made the bar-top her dance floor. Aug 26, 2014

Vijay's Kaththi audio launch date confirmed

The audio launch of Vijay's Kaththi was scheduled to happen in London earlier. But according to confirmed reports now, it will happen in chennai on the 18th of Sept. The event will happen at Leela palace and it's going to be a grand affair with a lot of industry people attending it. Aug 26, 2014