Prince Georges future face predicted by scientists

Prince George may still only be a toddler but computer scientists say they can now offer a glimpse of how the third in line to the British throne will look in the coming years. Their new software takes a number of specific facial features and combines it with visual cues from the parents and other relatives to create a detailed portrait of an individuals likely future appearance. The results are far more accurate than existing ageing software, say the scientists from the University of Bradford. Nov 12, 2015

Stars Wars exhibition reveals the stories behind the series’ costumes

The force has landed in New Yorks Times Square as an exhibition dedicated to the costumes from the Star Wars film franchise opens. Over 70 objects from all the films, including the unreleased The Force Awakens, are being put on display by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service and Lucasfilm. Nov 12, 2015