John Abraham: The Fitness Freak

John Abraham had taken a break from acting in 2014. The Bollywood hunk was here spotted unveiling the lead car of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2015. At the launch he spoke about his love for fitness and was proud with his association with the Mumbai marathon. He also spoke about his upcoming projects at the event. For more info watch this video. Jan 8, 2015

Fashion: the key dates for 2015

The fashion year starts with the huge period of fashion weeks. The fashion shows will take place in New York, London, Milan, Paris but also Tokyo, Beijing, Lisbon, Sao Paulo & Rio. Around the world trip of events and the biggest fashion exhibitions that will be scheduled in the upcoming months. Jan 7, 2015

Men in 2015

In 2014 he was called a hipster, normcore, or even lumbersexual, but what will be the new words for to design him in 2015? The four biggest categories have already been picked out: gentleman chic, urban, rocker and sensual. The month of January looks to be very masculine with the start of the Menswear collections, in London, Milan and Paris. Jan 7, 2015

Jan 7, 2015