IGI airport
Two Kashmiri girls pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh were detained at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI), Delhi for reportedly carrying a bag that had words "There could be bomb inside" inscribed in [Representational Image]: Airport traffic control staff at the Indira Gandhi International Airport ATC. A flight was called back from the runway at the Delhi airport on Wednesday, 3 January 2016, after a hoax call about weapons on the plane.Reuters File

An emergency was declared at the Indira Gandhi Airport in Delhi after reports of a suspected fire in the engine of a Heathrow-bound plane, reports said. 

It later emerged that the flight 747, a cargo plane was returned to the Delhi airport over a technical glitch.

Delhi Airport authorities on their official Twitter page said that the Cathay Pacific cargo plane returned back on technical grounds. There was "no fire," it said.

"It has landed and safely parked," the statement added. More Details awaited.

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