David Cameron addresses news conference after the EU summit in Brussels
David Cameron resigns as UK prime minister as Theresa May takes over. In picture: David Cameron.

David Cameron on Wednesday visited the Buckingham Palace to tender his resignation as U.K. prime minister as Theresa May took over. Cameron also moved out of 10, Downing Street, before going to the palace to put in his papers with the Queen, who "graciously accepted" his resignation. She then invited May to be prime minister, and the Conservative Party leader accepted.

After becoming prime minister, May, in a speech, said she would work to "build a better Britain," and that she would create a country that worked for everyone and not just a privileged few, according to the BBC.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson known for his colourful language and the scandals that come with it took charge as the foreign secretary on Wednesday. Johnson has until now never held a post in the cabinet. 

Cameron was supposed to have remained in office at least till September after the people defied his and his party's stand and voted for the U.K. to come out of the European Union, in what is now known as Brexit.

However, he decided not to remain as the country's leader till then, and announced his resignation on Monday, even as the Conservative Party elected May as its chief, effectively meaning that she would be the one the Queen would invite to form government. It also meant she would be prime minister -- only the second woman to have held the post in the U.K., the first being Margaret Thatcher.

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