Second Time Unlucky: After Infosys, iGate Shows Door to CEO Phaneesh Murthy over Sex Scandal

The Board of Directors of iGate Corp has sacked its President and CEO Phaneesh Murthy over sexual harassment charges. Earlier, at Infosys, Murthy who was working as the California-based global head of sales (prior to 2002) was accused of sexual harassment by his personal secretary, Reka Maximovitch. A lawsuit was filed and was settled out of court by Infosys for $3 million. Phaneesh Murthy joined iGate Global Solutions Limited in August 2003, after the company acquired his new firm Quintant. May 21, 2013

Amid IPL Spot Fixing and Cannes Chaos, India’s Forgotten Women Cry Out

India is too resilient for words to express. She moves on amidst storm and draught, thick and thin. Following the mass protests against the rape of a five-year-old in Delhi last month, society has held back its sympathies towards other cases. According to a BBC report, a woman is raped in India every 21 minutes and there are hardly a few incidents that make headlines. For the media also, the arduous task of getting maximum TRPs has shifted the focus to the ongoing IPL spot-fixing controversy and... May 19, 2013