Two suspects killed in French police raid in north Paris

Calm has returned around the apartment in Saint Denis, 800m from the Stade de France stadium, where authorities confirm two terror suspects including a woman have been killed. Three people have been arrested - the first ones since the attacks. Nov 18, 2015

Police release video showing house search in connection with attacks

Frances armed police released a video on Tuesday (17 November) of an overnight raid, during a nationwide overnight sweep on suspected Islamist militants following the Paris attacks. The video showed police staff in body armour entering a home on Monday (16 November) and searching electronics, DVD cases and documents. Nov 17, 2015

San Francisco: Video captures police beating suspect

A video showing two sheriffs deputies using their fists and batons to batter a suspect who seemed to be surrendering in a San Francisco alley has prompted two Bay Area public defenders to call for criminal charges against the officers. The beating comes at a time of heightened scrutiny of police use of force, after several high-profile confrontations with suspects that triggered protests across the country over the past two years. Nov 17, 2015