World Aids Day 2016: HIV in numbers

Since that start of the Aids epidemic, 78 million people have become infected with HIV. Of those, 35 million have died from Aids-related illnesses. 7 days ago

Apple Campus 2: Drone video of spectacular Spaceship HQ

A new drone video has been released showing that Apples new headquarters, Campus 2, is nearing completion. The drone video from David Sexton shows the huge size of the spaceship building in Cupertino, California, where 12,000 employees will work once they move in early 2017. 7 days ago

The religious brain reacts to God like a drug

The neural circuitry involved in feeling religious experiences has been identified. Brain regions associated with reward lit up when devout Mormons said that they were feeling the Spirit. The brain areas that responded included reward circuits that respond to romantic love, appreciation of music, cocaine and methamphetamines. 8 days ago