• Halloween Update will be releasing soon for Clash of Clans.Facebook
  • Halloween Update will be releasing soon for Clash of Clans.Facebook
  • Clash of Clans will soon be releasing Halloween update.Facebook

With the Halloween update for Clash of Clans confirmed, Supercell has released more videos (Sneak Peek) giving us an insight on the upcoming update that will bring in new clan settings and advanced clan search.

Release Date of Halloween Update

Though Supercell has been releasing the Sneak Peeks of the Halloween update, it has not yet given out the release date. It is customary of the developer to release these Sneak Peeks before it releases any update.

Supercell has responded to a fan's question on the Halloween update's release for Clash of Clans. It said on the official Facebook page, "We have a few more sneak peeks to go, and then it's time for the update."

The Halloween update will usher in many features reflecting the festive season of Halloween. Players will find Lightning Spells with swirling bats graphics, the shrubbery will have a Jack O'Lantern make up, Halloween Headstones crop up on the maps and many more. The update is expected to be around two weeks

New Clan Settings and Advanced Clan Search

Below are some of the improvements that will be part of the Halloween update:

  • Clan description will be longer and bigger.
  • Players will be able to set 'War Frequency'
  • Players can select clans from a bigger list of countries
  • Clans can be searched by adding filters or details like War Frequency, Clan Location, Members and Minimum Clan Points.

Boost Improvements in Clash of Clans

Below are some of the Boost improvements that will be part of the Halloween update:

  • Players will be able to boost two of the same buildings at the same time. This includes barracks and spell factory boosts too.
  • Boost will be paused during the maintenance and can be resumed when players choose by pressing the 'resume' button.
  • Now players will be able to boost all the buildings at the same time with a single boost button. It must be noted that if players make the choice of boosting the buildings individually they can do that too.

Fans Urge Supercell to Fix issues in Loot

Fans have been urging Supercell to fix the issues in the game's Loot. One fan said, "Please super cell fix the loot! Please it's really bad I wanna keep playing this game I've been playing for almost 2 years but iam getting sick of hitting the next button for 20-30 mins and loosing 200k gold searching and only finding 150k gold to make it back I have no other complaints but I could be playing other games that don't involve hitting a button for 20 mins."

Another said he has a problem with the War loot, "...I hate getting less than a quarter over a loss, and less than a third because of a tie... I do use rather expensive units (, but getting under 100k when my winnings would have been near or just over 500k just kills me financially. I think you should get a quarter of what you would have won for a loss, and half if you tied."

A fan went on to say that "The loot situation is terrible," and another added, "Improve loot and loot bonus. I can't find any loot in any league."

Below are some of the Sneak Peek videos shared by Supercell:

(YouTube Courtesy: Clash Of Clans & Boom Beach)

(YouTube Courtesy: Clash Of Clans & Boom Beach)

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