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Gayle was fined for his inappropriate comments by Melbourne Renegades.Reuters

Chris Gayle used Instagram to give his opinion on the barrage if criticism the West Indian had to face after the now infamous sideline interview with Channel 10 reporter Mel McLaughlin.

In the post on Instagram, Gayle went on to slam the former cricketers and other critics who spoke against the big West Indian for his controversial comments to McLaughlin on live TV. Gayle was fined $10,000 by his team Melbourne Renegades for  openly flirting with McLaughlin.

Later, the destructive opening batsman apologised in front of the media and added that he meant no harm, while insisting it was "just a joke."

Gayle was criticised by former England cricketer Andrew Flintoff, Australia all-rounder Shane Watson, retired Aussie batsman Chris Rogers and former Australia captain Ian Chappell among others. Several women journalists labelled the West Indian player "a creep" for his sexist comments on TV. 

Rogers told ABC Grandstand, ""From my time at the Thunder, I was very disappointed in his attitude and his behaviour and I've never been a fan since."

Watson had commented saying,"that behaviour is fairly expected." 

Flintoff tweeted this after Gayle's controversial interview: 

The West Indian left-handed batsman, before leaving Australia after his stint with the Melbourne Renegades in the Big Bash League ended, took to social media to show his true feelings, while thanking the fans for their continued support. He also stated about his wish to come back and play in the BBL next season.

Check out the Instagram post here:

(My idol & the person who I look up to and also want to be like when growing up as a kid is in the picture)Thank you Renegades and the entire Australia for the love & support!! Ppl think I may have played my last innings in Aus but my memory with the fans will live on forever!! I build leagues around the world and Big Bash is one of them ?. 'Give the ppl what they want '. Thank You Kunal 'Gold Bat' Sharma, you're an absolutely legend!! Piers Morgan, Thank you for your support champion! Thank you to the entire Crown and Olsen staff for the hospitality ?????? I had a blast, Thanks Ross!?? The real ppl who stand by Gayle worldwide through the so call BS against me in the media, Thank You! To the MEDIA, Thank You all so! The Haters, I Thank you even more ??. I think a lot of past and present cricketers who smile in front my face could've have there say In the public when my so call issue was going on, but y'all don't have the BALLs to stand firm when it matters - but yet when u see me you're like, Chris that's BS against you, it was blown out of proportion ? smh...don't tell me, tell the media and public! The past cricketer who say I make myself look like a chop, the other who claim I was no good to the youngsters while playing for the thunder, the next one who said he expect that sort of behavior from Chris - Y'all can kiss my 'Black Rass' I love Australia and I will be back again even for the ??? oi oi ???. Don't forget to check out the song #WeHeroes ???. #UniverseBoss

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