The original rogue trader: 20 years on

He is the original rogue trader. The man who single-handedly brought down Britain's oldest bank. Nick Leeson's losses at Barings totalled a staggering 1.4 billion dollars. But 20 years on, he says Feb 26, 2015

Hong Kong to fund homegrown fashion

Another year, another massive fiscal surplus in Hong Kong. The city has decided it's going to cut taxes and spread the wealth, dishing out over four billion bucks in sweeteners to support local Feb 26, 2015

China shuns big tech names

China on a mission to push out some of the world's biggest tech companies. Crossing their products off its state purchase list even while adding thousands made by smaller domestic players. The Feb 26, 2015

Dow at record high

Another record setting day for the Dow edging higher in Wednesday's session. But the S&P moved off its all-time high, and the Nasdaq broke its 10-session winning streak, as Federal Reserve Chair Janet Feb 26, 2015

Room temperature homes report

Despite freezing temperatures and piles of snow in much of the Northeast, sales of new U.S. single family homes fell only slightly in January, and supply rose to its highest level since 2010. The Feb 26, 2015

HSBC bosses face the music

Calling for no mercy... These protesters want tax dodgers to serve hard time. Sick of what they say is the British government handing out "get out of jail free" cards to wealthy bankers. (SOUNDBITE Feb 26, 2015