Argentine man in dramatic near-miss as glass ceiling collapses

An Argentinian man narrowly escaped being hurt after having to fling himself out of the way of a glass ceiling that collapsed in a building in the city of Resistencia. CCTV footage shows Pablo Onocko enter a building, talking to the security guard before the glass celing fell and shattered across the foyer. Oct 18, 2016

3,2,1: Successful rocket launch to take supplies to the International Space Station

An unmanned Antares rocket has been launched, almost exactly two years after a previous model exploded during lift-off, to take cargo to the International Space Station. The rocket is carrying food,equipment and experiments and is expected to reach the ISS on 23 October. The last Antares launch, on 28 October 2014, ended in disaster a few seconds after lift-off due to a problem with the boosters refurbished, Soviet-era engines. Oct 18, 2016

How drones are being used in the fight against poachers

Zimbabwe and Malawi have started using South African drones to combat poaching. As part of the Air Shepherd program, Drone Solutions is providing drones to national parks that use live infrared footage to track poachers and help guide ground teams. Elephants and rhinos are hunted for their ivory and horns and can have their tusks hacked off while they are still alive or are simply killed for them. Elephant populations fell at least 30% between 2007 and 2014, whilst around 1,000 rhinos are killed each year to supply demand for rhino horn. Oct 18, 2016