Oscar De La Hoya
 Pacquaio can make the fight an interesting one, feels Oscar De La Hoya.Reuters

Just a few days are left for the best pound for pound boxers of modern history -- Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao -- to go head to head inside the ring at MGM grand in Las Vegas on 2 May.

The world has been waiting for this bout and everyone is excited about the fight.

Former boxers and critics alike have been picking their favourites for the bout and they also seem to be providing tips.

Though former boxer Lennox Lewis has backed the American for the bout, another retired boxer Oscar de La Hoya feels that the Filipino has an advantage, especially with the aggressive nature of Pacquiao during fights.

Hoya feels that the first two-three rounds are going to be crucial for the Filipino.

"Pacquiao has to win the first two or three rounds, because it'll make Mayweather have to come from behind and he'll have to start to pressure Pacquiao, to be the aggressor and Mayweather doesn't like to be the aggressor," La Hoya told the national.ae.

"So if Pacquiao can start well the first two rounds, the fight can go in his direction."

Pacquaio is said to be a very aggressive boxer. He is super quick inside the ring, as he moves from here to there in a matter of seconds. It is this quickness, which the Filipino must put into good effect against the American.

"The one fighter to make it an exciting fight is going to be Pacquiao. He has to go in with a lot of combinations, a lot of footwork, which he has. And I hear he's in tremendous, tremendous shape."

Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's trainer has been very vocal about the fight and the hall of fame trainer has been training the Filipino to keep him in perfect shape.

The referee for the bout has also been announced and Kenny Bayless will referee the fight of the century.

However, Hoya does not seem to be very happy with Bayless being handed the tough job, as he feels that Bayless protects Mayweather.

"History shows that Kenny Bayless protects Mayweather," De La Hoya said. "Pacquiao is now up against two guys in the ring instead of one. So I'd have to say Pacquiao is already one point behind and the fight hasn't even started," added Hoya.