Bloodborne Drinking Game rules -- As scripted down by Mrs. Klepek
Bloodborne Drinking Game rules -- As scripted down by Mrs.

If you are confused between playing Bloodborne this weekend and enjoying a drink, here's is a solution – just combine both, and you will have your own Bloodborne Drinking Game. And as it seems, the rules are simple, yet fun.

Courtesy Kotaku's Patrick Klepek, the game is not recommended if you are looking for serious hours of gameplay. After all, drinks and solid gameplay don't mix well (but you know what does. Clue: Seth Rogen). "This is not, of course, recommended when you want to play skilfully," Klepek writes.

The rules of the game have been scripted down by Mrs. Klepek, but Patrick is determined to help all those who still might have some difficulty playing it. In fact, he has come up with a few "modifications to the ruleset" since there are some that don't correspond to their challenge.

The drinking game, apparently, forces you to approach the game in a different manner, and if you are wondering how on earth they mixed the weekend cocktail with the undead residents of Yharnam, here's how you can play it.

Steps to Play Bloodborne Drinking Game:

  • If you die, take three drinks.
  • If someone who doesn't like or play Souls games kills any single enemy, take a drink.
  • If you use a health vial, take a drink.
  • If you use your gun, take two drinks.
  • If you pull off a visceral attack, everyone else takes a drink.
  • If you reach a new lamp, everyone has to finish their drink.
  • If you fall off of a ledge, take a shot.
  • Alternate: If an enemy falls off a ledge, assign a shot to someone else.
  • If you throw a molotov cocktail, it's a waterfall. (That means the person who threw the molotov starts drinking, then the next person starts drinking, all the way down the line. You cannot stop drinking until the person in front of you is done. Good luck!)
  • If you defeat a boss, everyone has to take a shot of the victor's choosing.

So what do you think? Will this newfound game be part of your weekend activity? Well, if you are into weekend drinking and Bloodborne, we don't see any reason why not. Let us know in the comments section below.