• A combination photo shows shadow falling on the moon (L and 2nd L) as it undergoes a total lunar eclipse (C) and after the total lunar eclipse (2nd R and R), from Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, in this photo taken on April 4, 2015Reuters
  • A total lunar eclipseReuters
  • Full moon after a total lunar eclipse in Kathmandu April 4, 2015Reuters
  • A total lunar eclipse, also known as a "blood moon"Reuters

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The world witnessed 2015's first total lunar eclipse on Saturday night. The rare and dazzling view of "Blood Moon" thrilled skywatchers once again.

Last year, the unusual total lunar eclipse - which is also known as "Blood Moon" - took place on 8 October. It occurs when the Earth comes between the sun and the moon, with the three falling in a line. As Earth comes in between, it prevents the sun's rays from reaching the moon.

The copper-red colour that the moon assumes is because it passes into the Earth's shadow. The full eclipse began on Saturday, at 6:16 am EDT, and was visible across North and South America, Australia, and Asia.

This was the third lunar eclipse in a series of four, known as a "tetrad", following those occurred last year. The final one of the series will occur on 28 September, 2015.

Check out the slideshow of the stunning and rare images of the Blood Moon.

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