Bigg Boss Telugu
Bigg Boss Telugu

Bigg Boss Telugu went on air on Sunday. Many viewers are upset with the selection of contestants and a few are not happy with Jr NTR's hosting skills.

Bigg Boss Telugu is the first of its kind Telugu reality TV show, which had created a lot of curiosity among the audience, who were eagerly waiting to know the names of 14 participants. Jr NTR, who is making his debut on small screen with this show, revealed the contestants list on its first episode on Sunday night.

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Archana aka Veda Sastry, actor Sameer, Mumaith Khan, Prince Cecil, Madhu Priya, Sampoornesh Babu, Jyothi, Singer Kalpana Raghavendra, Mahesh Kaththi, Katti Karthika, Shiva Balaji, Hari Teja, Adarsh Balakrishna and Dhanraj are contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu. Most of them are from the film fraternity. No one knows why Sameer, Mumaith Khan, Dhan Raj, Shiva Balaji failed to make the cut.

The viewers are not happy with the selection of participants. Some viewers feel there is no variety in the selection and most of the names don't evoke interest. Many took to social media to share their disappointment over some participants. Here are a few comments.

RJ Chaitu‏ (@RJChaitu tweeted: "Cancelled all my works just to sit home and watch @tarak9999 @StarMaa #BigBossTelugu ?￰゚リヘ waiting waiting waiting!" Later, he added: Mahesh Kathi?? Kathi karthika? Madhu priya? Jyothi? ?￰゚リミ seriously?? ?￰゚マᄏ‍♂️?￰゚マᄏ‍♂️ #bigboss #bigbosstelugu. Ok now only for NTR #biggboss @tarak9999 disappointed with few contestants ?￰゚マᄏ‍♂️

Junior NTR on Bigg Boss Telugu
Junior NTR on Bigg Boss Telugu

Harsha Vardhan commented on Facebook: "Sameer, katthi mahesh... koncham entertainment ki reasons avvochchu (conditions apply).. nobody else according to me... absolutely... nobody else... Mostly this show will try to grab audience attention with some unwanted emotional drama and stupid (designed) fights and loud screaming quarrels... ufff.. and all I pity is those souls with ridiculous free time who are gonna contribute trp and revenue to such stuff.. And again... all said and done... there's no, never, will be anyone close to.. .... NTR Without you boss... big boss would have faced big loss... (right from first episode) period..!!!"

Meawhile some audience found Jr NTR too loud. @BleedPawanizm wrote: "Highly irritating. Just can't understand why JrNtr shouts unnecessarily. And those B Grade contestants are huge let down. #BiggBossTelugu."

However, the experts think the format of Bigg Boss is new to Telugu audience and it might take a while to catch on. Though some contestants disappointed few fans, Jr NTR's debut has surely evoked an interest across the board. 

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