"Bigg Boss 3" Kannada house witnessed dramatic incidents on Day 3. Of all, it was Pooja Gandhi's opening up on her engagement break-up and Huccha Venkat coming down heavily on Master Anand that caught viewers' attention.

In the latest task, Bigg Boss had asked all the contestants to reveal about regrettable incidents that has caused them lots of pain. Pooja Gandhi recalled about her broken engagement and said that she still regrets her decision to get engaged to businessman Anand.

Pooja Gandhi said Anand's behaviour was not good and he was abusing her. She tolerated it for some time but decided to call it off when she realised she had made a wrong decision.

Pooja Gandhi's mother was not happy with the groom from the day she introduced him. But the actress convinced all her family and friends. In the end, it turned out to be a wrong decision. Hence, she apologised to her family for letting them down.

Huccha Venkat loses temper

Master Anand entertained the inmates with his imitations as he is in the Entertainment team. In one of his acts, he acted like Huccha Venkat and gave a brilliant performance. But it did not go down well with Venkat even though Anand had requested people not to take anything personal.

Huccha Venkat took objection to it and said that his act was making fun of him. He also told Anand not to cross the line and warned not to speak low about his men. Out of frustration, he used a vulgar word to attack Anand.

The inmates came rushing towards him to calm down the situation. All through the verbal attack, Anand kept silent and apologised for hurting him.

Other highlights:

1) Jayashree picks up a fight with Ravi Mooruru and Kruthika over their comment on nomination process.
2) Master Anand breaks the funny bones of his inmates with his act. His Urdu-mixed Kannada entertains not just the inmates but also audience.
3) Huccha Venkat confesses that he had lied to his father that he had cleared his civil engineering exam. But the truth is he did not. He regrets it.
4) Kruthika reveals about her relationship with a divorcee who was elder to her by about 18 years. Initially, they shared a sibling relationship but gradually fell in love. Her mother was not happy and asked her not to meet him. But she continued the relationship for one and half years before calling it off.
5) Rahman recalls that he had warned his father of beating him when his father was yelling at his mother. Though he had apologised for this act before, the incident continues to haunt him even today. He begged pardon again on "Bigg Boss house.
6) The inmates are of the belief that Huccha Venkat has some psychological issues and needs psychiatrist help.