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The biggest controversial show on Indian television, "Bigg Boss", has always entertained the audience with fights, link-ups and betrayals in every season.

Salman Khan, as a host, always adds charm to the show. But in spite of the handsome host, "Bigg Boss" contestants never failed to grab eyeballs.

The reality TV show has witnessed several link-ups which blossomed even after the season ended. But there were few real life couples also, who have entered the "Bigg Boss" house together.

Bakhtiyaar Irani and Tanaaz Currim

Real-life married couple Bakhtiyaar Irani and Tanaaz Currim entered the "Bigg Boss" house in the third season. Tanaaz, who is eight years older to her husband, was evicted from the show soon but Bakhtiyaar managed to stay in the house till final stage. They were a real strong couple who didn't allow anybody or anything to affect their married life.

Shilpa Sakhlani and Apurva Agnihotri

Another couple that managed to keep strong both inside as well as outside the show in its seventh season was Shilpa Sakhlani and Apurva Agnihotri. The former was soon voted out but the latter stayed till the seventh week of "Bigg Boss 7". Agnihotri played well and even shaved off his hair for his team's victory in a task.

Delnaaz Irani and Rajev Paul

After 14 years of marriage, Delnaaz Irani and Rajev Paul called off their wedding in 2010. The couple participated in "Bigg Boss 6" and were observed going through several up and down in their relationship. While Delnaaz claimed that she had moved on, Rajev was seen trying to win her wife back.

Ali Merchant and Sara Khan

The first time ever, "Bigg Boss" witnessed a wedding inside the house. Sara Khan, a contestant of season four, and Ali Merchant, who entered the house as a guest, got married on the show. The two individuals were much in love but after two months the pair separated.

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