Kia Soul EV Earns Whole-Life Environmental Certificate

The Kia Soul EV has become the latest model from the Korean brand to earn important certification for its outstanding whole-life environmental credentials. TÜV Nord, an independent technical inspection organisation, has certified the new Kia Soul EV according to the ISO 14040 Life Cycle Assessment. LCA examines the environmental impact of both the car and the overall manufacturing process throughout its whole life, taking into account factors such as choice of materials, tailpipe emissions and recycling. Comparing the Soul EV to its diesel counterpart currently on sale in Europe, the zero-emissions electric vehicle scored particularly strongly for 'Global Warming Potential', emitting 39.7% fewer greenhouse gases over the whole life of the vehicle, such as carbon dioxide and methane. The product development process employed by Kia is aimed at minimising the environmental footprint of Kia's manufacturing operations, and all cars developed by the brand since 2006 have been built with the LCA in mind. Facebook : Twitter : Youtube : A Ventuno Production : Jun 25, 2014

It's a Hot Summer for SUVs!

In the 90's SUVs were a big (really big) status symbol. But then with the recession and gas prices, status gave way to sensible. But SUVs are back and demand for them is on the rise. However today's consumer is looking for function over form and according to Stephanie Brinley, Automotive Analyst at IHS "people who buy large SUV's now actually buy them for the capabilities that they can give them. Facebook : Twitter : Youtube : A Ventuno Production : Jun 21, 2014