Most headphones feature a pair of cone-shaped dynamic drivers that cause a diaphragm to vibrate and move air to create sound. American audio equipment-manufacturer Audeze has moved away from the design and adopted planar magnetic technology to create the SINE, a pair of around-ear headphones that the company claims is lighter, while offering better sound.

The SINE is available in two versions — one features an iPhone-compatible cable the company calls CIPHER, which retails for Rs. 39,990, and the other packed with a regular stereo cable for Rs. 34,990. The CIPHER cable features a built-in amplifier to stream 24-bit high-resolution audio through the Lightning port.

Planar magnetic technology, the company explains, involves printing magnets on a flexible film-like surface. When an electrical signal is passed through the magnets, the current interacts with the magnetic field and moves the diaphragm to produce sound.

The company claims this technology increases the surface area of the magnets that interacts with the diaphragm. This equates to more air being moved around, which results in better bass response. Planar magnetic speakers are also reported to be lighter and result in more compact designs.

The headphones, designed by BMW DesignWorks USA, claim to offer extended frequency response that ranges between 10Hz and 50kHz. Also, the magnets, by virtue of having over three-times the surface area of regular headphones, reportedly offer better bass and dynamics than its competitors.

The SINE is sold in India by Headphone Zone.