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Real Madrid VS AC Milan: Live

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2:38 IBTimes : We will start Live match discussion at 2:45 pm ET.

2:45 IBTimes : Hello Guys. Sorry for the delay. A slight technical difficulty there. Let's get straight to the point. Here's the team news.

Real Madrid: Casillas, Arbeloa, Pepe, Carvalho, Marcelo, Alonso, Khedira, Ozil, Di Maria, Ronaldo, Higuain.
Subs: Dudek, Mahamadou Diarra, Benzema, Lassana Diarra, Granero, Albiol, Pedro Leon,

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Milan: Amelia, Zambrotta, Nesta, Bonera, Antonini, Gattuso, Pirlo, Seedorf, Alexandre Pato, Ibrahimovic, Ronaldinho.
Subs: Roma, Inzaghi, Papastathopoulos, Flamini, Abate, Boateng, Robinho,

Referee: Pedro Proenca (Portugal)

2:45 IBTimes : Ref blows the whistle and Milan kick off!

2:47 IBTimes : And the excitement begins. Well, not exactly football wise. A fan found the need to entertain the rest. So he jumped onto the pitch and played chase me with the stewards.

2:47 IBTimes : Back to football now. And CR9 falls inside the box. Ref says he dived.

2:48 IBTimes : Ronaldo down the left. Some trademark step-overs there. And wins the game's first corner for Madrid which Amelia punches away.

2:52 IBTimes : Angel Di Maria's shoots the game's first shot. However, he couldn't do much from 30 yards away. It sailed far and wide.

2:53 IBTimes : Both the teams are just finding their way here. Not much happening.

2:53 Comment From Boogy : wow first goal from angel. nice move.

2:54 Comment From Mike : what ronaldo is doing... nah.

2:55 IBTimes : Ozil looks good. Displaying good vision and movement.

2:57 IBTimes : Marcelo's cross from the left. Headed out for a corner by Nesta. Corner comes to nothing. But Gattuso is adjudged to have fouled Alonso right on the edge of the area. Could see a goal here.

2:58 IBTimes : GOALLL!!! Cristiano Ronaldo!!!! Free-kick deflects in through the wall!! Nothing Amelia could do there. 1-0 Madrid. Bernabeu goes WILD!

3:00 IBTimes : GOAL!!! 2-0 Madrid!! Milan are in shambles here!! Cristiano is again involved. Milan lost the ball after restart, but Ronaldo picks it up, comes through the left and crosses if. Ozil shoots and it deflects in off a defender. Game over?

3:02 IBTimes : Milan trying to knock the ball around in the Madrid half. A cross from Seedorf from the right. Comes to nothing.

3:05 IBTimes : Decent spell of possession here for Milan. But they seem clueless. Madrid's defence hasn't been tested as of yet.

3:05 Comment From Leon : Kicking wihtout plan is useless

3:05 Comment From Viva Madrid : Madrid madrid madrid

3:06 Comment From Brent : Where is ozi? c'mon fellaz show some great move.

3:07 IBTimes : Di Maria shoots from almost 30 yards. Ambitious yes, but at 2-0 they can afford to be!

3:07 Comment From hb : how can we see the game?

3:08 Comment From Bro : Is there any links?

3:09 Comment From kyle : @hb any update?

3:09 IBTimes : Madrid's having their own way across the field here. Milan seems incapable of pressurizing. Marcelo easily skips through the left and crosses but Maria's header is well wide.

3:10 IBTimes :

3:11 IBTimes : Milan corner here, after good work from Pirlo. His in-swinger is headed out but it falls to Zambrotta whose first time effort flies wide.

3:13 IBTimes : Madrid crowd chanting 'Jose Mourinho'!

3:13 Comment From kyle : @hb this place looks good than others. no pop up, no virus.

3:13 Comment From hb : not sure. i wanna see it live.

3:14 IBTimes : Zambrotta clatters into Alonso. Free kick for Milan 25 yards from goal. Dangerous for Madrid.

3:15 Comment From Leon : U gotta pay 4 it.

3:15 IBTimes : Brilliant save from Casillas after Pirlo's powerful free kick! That ball dipped!

3:16 Comment From Viva Madrid : Bien!

3:16 IBTimes : Milan slowly stringing passes together and steadily clawing their way back.

3:19 IBTimes : Seedorf misses a good chance there. Good through ball from Ronaldinho but Seedorf's first touch let him down, and the second had to be brilliant. It wasn't!

3:22 IBTimes : Cristiano races from the half-way line, a cut back, another tap to his left and he unleashes a pile driver. But Amelia was equal to it.

3:24 IBTimes : Higuain almost races clear, but Antonini comes in with a good challenge. Madrid corner!

3:25 IBTimes : Ronaldo is released down the right from Ozil and his cut back confused Nesta and Amelia. Higuain fails to make use of it, and shoots high. That should have been 3-0!

3:29 IBTimes : Angel you greedy man! Di Maria races through and had Ronaldo free to his right. But Maria choses to ignore him and tried to go through on his own. Amelia dives at his legs and takes the ball. And Maria evades Ronaldo's glance!

3:30 IBTimes : 1 additional minute before half-time

3:32 IBTimes : Half-time! Madrid 2-0 Milan.

3:33 Comment From Madrid : 2-0, bien madrid!

3:35 Comment From Leon : Halft time. Saving money saving life.

3:35 IBTimes : Wrap - Madrid was all over Milan in that first half. Milan will get a good talking to from Allegri. They showed in glimpses, but that won't be enough to win this match. It's safe to say more goals will follow in the second half. Feel free to comment and give your views. I'll take a break now, and i'll see you all in 10.

3:36 Comment From man u fan : madrid is winner

3:46 IBTimes : And we're back! Oh, wait. It's just Jose who is back out on the pitch. The rest of his team are just making their way out.

3:48 IBTimes : Madrid to kick-off the second half!

3:52 IBTimes : Let's have a poll now shall we. How many of you think Milan can get back to draw the game?

3:52 Comment From man u fan : nah..

3:54 IBTimes : Ronaldo and Gattuso have their own battle going. One of them could see red when the pressure rises later on!

3:55 IBTimes : Ozil teases in an inviting cross from the right! Higuain flies in, but he heads it too close to Amelia. Should have been 3-0 there!

3:58 IBTimes : Milan knocking it around in the Madrid half. If they get a goal now, things could become interesting.

4:01 IBTimes : Oooh! Almost. Di Maria cut in from the right and chipped in a ball with his left. Nearly reached Higuain that, whose outstretched leg couldn't connect.

4:03 IBTimes : First substitution of the game - Milan skipper Gattuso out, Kevin-Prince Boateng in with fresh legs and more pace!

4:03 Comment From jon : madrid won

4:07 IBTimes : Marcelo beats two and races in, offers a one-two with Higuain, but he choses to lay it off for Khedira who smashes it high. Good play there from Marcelo.

4:08 IBTimes : Another free-kick for Madrid almost 35 yards out! But Ronaldo smashes it into the wall.

4:12 Comment From pablo : what is the score

4:12 IBTimes : Ronaldo finally looks like he's losing it. Had to happen, after all the kicks he has been getting.

4:14 IBTimes : Madrid corner after good work from Ronaldo and Ozil. But it's easily headed out by Pirlo.

4:14 IBTimes : Milan substitution - Ronaldinho out, Robinho In.

4:16 IBTimes : First yellow card of the game goes to Bonera after he pushes Higuain close to right side of the box. Free-kick Madrid.

4:17 IBTimes : Ozil curls it in, but Boateng heads it out for another Madrid corner.

4:19 IBTimes : Yellow card for Boateng. Right on the edge of the area. He kicks Ozil's legs out from behind.

4:21 IBTimes : Ronaldo shoots a missile. It hits Bonera and rolls out agonizingly close to the goal line!

4:21 IBTimes : Milan Substitution - Pato out, Inzaghi in.

4:23 IBTimes : Interesting substitution there. Because here's what Jose said before the match, with regard to Inzaghi. "You have to respect all these players, they can make a difference. I'd just prefer it if 'Pippo' didn't play"

4:24 IBTimes : That's the closest Milan has come to scoring. Intensity increasing here. Di Maria gets a yellow for a late lunge on Pirlo. Dangerous position

4:25 IBTimes : Madrid subsitution - Ozil out, Lassana Diarra In.

4:26 IBTimes : Robinho has a go there. Ball drops to him right outside the Madrid box. He unleashes a half-volley. Good save from Casillas to his left.

4:27 IBTimes : Seven minutes plus injury time remaining. Can Milan pull something off?

4:29 IBTimes : Free-kick to Milan. A foul on Robinho by Di Maria, who says he got the ball. Comes to nothing. Headed clear by Madrid.

4:30 IBTimes : Madrid substitution - Angel Di Maria out, Esteban Granerro In.

4:33 IBTimes : Three additional minutes of added time. Score still 2-0.

4:35 IBTimes : Madrid substitution - Benzema In, Higuain Out.

4:36 IBTimes : And that's it. Ref blows the whistle. It's 2-0 to Madrid.

4:39 IBTimes : Wrap - Those two early goals in less than two minutes just killed Milan. Milan tried to fight back in the second half, but they came against a solid Madrid back line who have conceded only 3 goals in 10 games. Madrid maintain their perfect record in Group G with 9 points from 3 games. Milan stay second with 4. That's it from us at IBTimes. Thank You, and do tune in for our next match. Till then, cheers!

Read post-match report here

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