Bigg Boss 7: Armaan Does a ‘Double Dholki’, Makes Sofia Scapegoat and Calls Ajaz Criminal

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Armaan Kohli got back to his vile antics yet again and this time raking the gun on Sophia Hayat's shoulder.

A brewing unsettlement between Sofia and Armaan was witnessed on day 63 of Bigg Boss 7 as the actor confronted the British singer for pointing him out when Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan visited the house. Sofia had said Armaan shouted too much which apparently did not go down well with the latter.

The domino effect on Sofia-Armaan tension was seen the very next day (day 64) as Ajaz kept digging who had termed him 'criminal.' Andy was first blamed for the issue but it later surfaced that Armaan was the main culprit. He had called Ajaz criminal and dangerous and gossiped the same to Sofia and Andy, warning them to stay away from him.

But when Ajaz confronted him, he counter blamed the matter on Sofia and called her an instigator and provoker of spats in the house.

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Armaan's venom spitting against Sofia continued as Tanisha got together to bitch that she was an attention seeking cheap woman who was offended since he did not pay heed to her. However, Andy came out clear and bluntly told Armaan that he had indeed spoken on Ajaz's image while Sofia only lent her ears to his words just like him. Caught off guard, Armaan tried to defend his lying with the lame excuse that he did not remember the words he had uttered.

The situation at the house turned interesting with the housemates being handcuffed into pairs. Gauhar-Tanisha, Armaan-Andy, Ajaz-Sangram and Eli-Sofia were the pairs under captain Kamya's guard. The twist was when the pairs were made to nominate members with their mutual decisions. After several contrasting opinions, Eli, Tanisha, Sofia were voted along with Ajaz for his worst performance in commando task and Andy was nominated as the captain.

Interestingly, for the pair task, Sofia and Eli dressed themselves as twins in similar white outfits and sang to the cameras in sync.

Tuesday's episode will bring forth the entertaining 'chor-police' task as Armaan gets pretty serious on his police task and shouts, hurting Andy in the process.

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